Jesus calmed the storm

Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great and wonderful calm (a perfect
peaceableness). – Matthew 8:26

One day Jesus and his disciples were out on the sea and a violent storm arose. Jesus was asleep in the boat,
perfectly at peace, while the storm was raging. The disciples nervously woke him up saying, “Master, don’t you care
that we perish?” At once Jesus rebuked the winds and waves and there came a great calm. Jesus asked his
disciples: “why are you so afraid, where is your faith?”

I remember how I used to read this story and in my head, I had this image of Jesus being angry and disappointed with
the disciples and how he admonished them for not having enough faith to calm the storm. I thought that God sent the
storm as some kind of a test to see if they had enough faith. These are all thoughts that you might have concerning
this particular event that we read of in the Bible. Let me share the perspective that God gave me, when He helped me
to see His heart in what happened that day.

The first point is that God did not send the storm and He didn’t allow it. The storm just came. Where was God? He
was personally present in Christ (read 2 Corinthians 5:19, Amplified Bible). Where was Jesus Christ in that moment?
Jesus was in the boat. The storm came, Jesus was in the boat, He had perfect peace and He was sleeping. The
disciples on the other hand was full of fear, not knowing how they will survive the storm. In their state of fear, they
accused Jesus for not caring because they said, “don’t you care that we perish?” Jesus answered that specific
question when He responded in, “where is your faith?” Jesus did not just rebuke them for not having “enough faith” to
calm the storm. I believe the focus of Jesus in His correction was on the following: “do you really believe that I will
allow you to perish in this storm? Is your faith in a God that does not care for you? Is that what you believe about me
and my Father…?” Jesus then went on and showed them that He indeed cared for them and He calmed the storm.
Isn’t it beautiful? That was actually the safest place to be on earth at that specific moment, with Jesus on that boat. I
just cannot imagine the Saviour of humanity drowning, can you?

God is not sending all kinds of bad things into your life and He is also not the one that allows it. He has absolutely
nothing to do with it. God is not in partnership with evil. We experience things that are not perfect because of the fallen
world we live in. Out there in the world our faith gets tested many times, but it is not Jesus that tests us. The testing of our faith comes as a result of a fallen world that we live in, but Jesus is the one that provides us with all the answers.

He conquered the world for us. Imagine you write a test and you have the one that knows all the answers with you to
help you.

Jesus is with us and He cares about the outcome of every situation you face today! All we need to do is to depend on
Him. We can only do that when we are convinced that He is only good! Jesus is the One that calms the storm.

He is with you, He is for you!