You receive through faith

“Faith comes by hearing…” (Romans 10:17)

Everything we receive from God our Father we receive through faith. We cannot receive it any other way and we cannot try to believe more – we receive faith by what we hear. Just as fear comes when you hear a bad report, faith comes when you hear a good report. You hear about Ebola, and since you live in a Western African country, fear comes to you because of what you heard. You did not try to fear or repeatedly confess it. It just came to you. Faith can come just as easily.

Faith will come to you as you hear the good report of Christ, the finished work of the cross. That report we see in Isaiah 53:“Who has believed our report?” The good news of Jesus Christ tells us what He did for us and who we are because of what He did.

If I want to be healed, how can I receive healing? I receive it through faith in Him. If I want to be more holy, how can I receive holiness, or if I want to be more righteous, how can I receive it? Through faith in Him. If I hear how He became sin for me, He who knew no sin, so that in Him I might be the righteousness of God, I receive righteousness. If I hear that He made me holy through one offering and I believe it, I receive holiness. If I hear that by His wounds we are healed, I receive healing. It is that simple.

Hear the simplicity of the Gospel. Without Christ you are helpless, sick, defeated, unholy and unrighteous, but because of what He did, you are now a new creation in Christ. It is a divine exchange. You gave Him your whole life and He gave you His life at the Cross.