The above-life

What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it-we're called children of God! That's who we

really are. – 1 John 3:1 (The Message)

I have two beautiful sons whom I love with all my heart. I only desire good things for them. I do not want them
to experience suffering. The world they live in has certain challenges and they go through certain things, but
from my side, I will do whatever I can to keep them from any form of suffering. Any good father will try and
keep his children from any form of evil and suffering. Now, hear what Jesus said: “you that are evil know how to
give good gifts to your children, how much more your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 7:11). This is the heart of
the Father. For not one second does God delight in seeing any of His children suffer and that includes Christians
that are persecuted for their faith today.

When the church prayed, Peter was released from prison. Christ did not allow or cause his suffering; He was the
One that set Him free, and an angel paid him a visit in his prison cell. Just before He was supernaturally released
it says in Acts 12 that fervent prayer was offered to God for him, by the Church. The result was that Peter was
delivered out of prison. Should anyone pray in faith, those who are being persecuted can be delivered. The
suffering that people go through is not God’s heart for His people and we should pray that the persecution stop
and that the hearts of the persecutors change! We should also pray for their salvation! We should not think
that persecution is some kind of “good thing” that God allows for a “specific reason.”

I have heard a story of two guys that were persecuted for their faith. A lion came out of the bush and caught
the guys that were persecuting them. This was at a place where there were no lions. Just like that, God
delivered them. There are many testimonies of God’s delivering power where the church is persecuted. For
instance, God stopped Saul on his way to persecute the church in Damascus and He transformed him into the
Apostle Paul. The Bible says in John 16 verse 33: “In the world you will have trouble, but in Me you will have
peace.” (John 16:33). Notice that it says, “in me you will have peace.” Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken.
People exalt and make much of the examples of the people that suffered and died for Christ. I can agree, it is
amazing that those who died for their faith, kept the faith in the face of death, physical pain, and torment. I
believe the best of God for you is the following: that you see Him for who He is, know the truth about who you
are and live in that supernatural power from above. Psalm 91 describes this kind of life where nothing shall
hurt or harm you.

Jesus is our example, and our identity is not in the experiences of people, but in Christ. Christ was untouchable
when it came to evil and suffering! He willingly laid down His life. They could not take it from Him. When the
crowd wanted to stone Him, He walked right through them. You do not just walk through an angry crowd of
religious people with stones in their hands that was meant for your head. Any normal person that would try
that would get killed, but Jesus did it more than once. He was untouchable! He was free from any form of
sickness, any form of persecution, until He laid down His life to die on the cross.
John 18:4-6: “Then Jesus, knowing all that was about to befall Him, went out to them and said, Whom are you
seeking? [Whom do you want?] 5 They answered Him, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus said to them, I am He. Judas,
who was betraying Him, was also standing with them. 6 When Jesus said to them, I am He, they went
backwards (drew back, lurched backward) and fell to the ground.” In this scripture we can clearly see that Jesus
had to lay down His life willingly. The moment he announced that He is Jesus, the people that came to capture
him, fell to the ground. They did not fall down to worship Him, they fell down because of the power that
manifested when He spoke. WE ARE IN HIM.

Child of God there is a higher life in Christ for you. When you believe the Word of God like a child you will
experience this life more and more…