A demonstration of God’s love

And it shall be that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear.
– Isaiah 65:24 (AMP)

A few years ago, I ministered in Botswana. The one day our group of about 20 people split up and we went two by two into a village to minister to people. I walked with someone that interpreted for me as we went from house to house. We came to this one family where everyone was sitting under a tree. I told them that I came to pray for them, they agreed to let me do it and I started ministering to them. I prayed for one person that had a pain in his shoulder and it left immediately. When they saw the miracle, they pointed to a man and said, “He is blind, pray for him.” This man was completely blind in both of his eyes. I took a chair, sat before him, and laid my hands on his eyes. Nothing happened the first time that I did it. I prayed a second time and again nothing happened, after the third time I prayed and took my hands away, and he could see. He shouted, “There is my wife, there is my house, I can see!” Everyone jumped up and down and hugged him and celebrated with him. He looked at me and said, “I know you,” and I replied, “How do you know me?” He went on and said, “You were here a few years ago in another town 100km from here, Ghanzi. I heard about all the blind people that received their sight and I thought that how would it ever be possible for me to get to these people that they can pray for me, so that I can be healed…and here you are at my house!” It was true, we were ministering in Ghanzi, just a few years before and many, many people were healed in those services and on the streets of that town. There we were, praying for this man at his own house a few years later and God opened his blind eyes. God saw his heart’s desire and sent me to his house. It was such a divine encounter. Glory!!!!

During the same outreach, right after ministering to the man who was blind and his family, we walked on and saw a lady outside her house. When we came to her and asked if we could pray for her, she placed both her hands on her head and she looked amazed! She told us that she had a dream the previous night. In her dream she saw two people, a black and a white man, coming to her house to pray for her and she also saw a white dove flying into her house. She did not know that we would come to her house, she could not have known, but God knew, and He told her the night before. She was instantly healed! This was the first two houses we came to that day; we were not even 50 meters away from where we parked our bus.

God is into every detail of your life. He knows your thoughts and your deepest heart’s desires. These people had an encounter with the love of the Father that they will never forget. Through a simple prayer of faith from a Believer, God could do what he always wanted to do for them. He demonstrated His love, and they will never be the same. God wants to do the same for you today.

I pray that God will reveal His amazing love for you in a supernatural way. Whatever you have in your heart in this moment, whatever you desire, my prayer is that you will see it manifest today. That specific thing that you even struggle to imagine how it will happen. Ephesians 3 verse 20 says, “He is able to do superabundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think (infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams).”

Father I pray in the name of Jesus, that you will do for the one that is reading this a miracle that he/she will never forget. Reveal your glory to them Lord. Amen.