Abundant Grace – Healing Testimonies

“They will lay their hands on the sick and they will get well.” (Mark 16:18)

We held a service in Parys earlier this year and a lady came forward who was completely blind in one eye. I laid my hand on the eye and when I took it away she could see perfectly. Similarly in Ikageng last year, fifteen people who were deaf in one or both ears received healing and had their hearing restored.

Ten years ago I prayed for a man who was dying of cancer and a doctor only gave him a few days to live. I laid my hands on him and all his pain disappeared that same day. After further tests were performed on him they could not find any sign of cancer in his body. Ten years later he came to our church to testify about what God did for him.

I prayed for a man at a stadium in Ikageng who had polio. He came with crutches and walked with extreme difficulty. After I laid hands on him he did not look better. We took him to his home and the next day he woke up completely healed. That Sunday he walked from Ikageng to Potchefstroom without his crutches to show us what Jesus did for him. People who saw him earlier the week started to cry. Jesus is a miracle worker.

There are many more stories like these. If you are sick in your body and you need any kind of miracle, just read this prayer and say thank you Jesus out loud. “Father I pray in the name of Jesus, heal this person that read these testimonies of your goodness. Amen.”